Sailor Moon Protects Mistress Nine

Mistress Nine stands in front of the Tausaikei, a machine that the Death Busters created. She tells Sailor Moon that once she gets a hold of the Holy Grail, she will use its power within the Tausaikei to summon the ruler of silence, Master Pharaoh 90. Realizing that Mistress Nine must be stopped from doing this at all costs, Sailor Uranus and Neptune send their World Shaking and Deep Submerge attacks at her. However, Sailor Moon still thinks that Hotaru can be saved and steps in front of Mistress Nine to protect her.
Key Cel (A1, B1 End)
Matching Background
Pan Cel that measures: 14" by 19"
Sailor Moon S Episode #125
A glittering shooting star! Saturn and the Messiah
Kagayaku Ryuusei! Saturn soshite Kyuuseishu