It Hurts!!

Zirconia hears Palla-Palla talking to herself and asks her what she is doing. Palla-Palla explains that no one would play with her so she decided to play alone. She holds up her dolls and continues to play. The girl doll repeatedly complains to the dentist doll about her toothache. Suddenly Palla-Palla gets an evil look on her face and the dentist tells the girl that if she can't tolerate the pain, "we'll just take your head off!" To the other girls surprise, Palla-Palla pops the doll head off and says "See, it doesn't hurt anymore!" A funny, although creepy, scene!
Sailor Moon SuperS Episode #153
Dentist of terror? Parapara's house
Kyoufu no Haishasan? Parapara no Yakata