"The Revolution Is Coming . . ."

Baby Hotaru is threatened when several mirror paredory attack the Outer Senshi. As one of the mirror paredory goes in for the kill, the Saturn symbol appears on Hotaru's forehead and Sailor Saturn is awakened. The new energy causes the Outers to power-up and they easily defeat all of the mirror paredory with a combined attack. Then, they are amazed to see that Hotaru is no longer a baby, but has grown into a small girl of about 4-5 years old. This is one of those cels that you dream about but never seriously think in a million years you will *ever* have a chance to own. *sigh*
Key Cel (A1 End)
Matching Background
Pan Cel that measures: 18" by 13.5"
Sailor Moon Stars Episode #167
The nightmare is scattered! The Queen of Darkness revives
Akumu no Hana wo Chirasu Toki! Yami no Joou Fukkatsu