Someone in the Crowd Wearing a Sailor V Patch

Usagi and Luna are outside along with a crowd of people waiting to get into a virtual reality theater. Luna is trying to convince Usagi to go in to practice on her combat skills she will need as Sailor Moon. Usagi grabs Luna and says she will only go in if Luna tells her how to restore Mamoru's memories of their past love so Usagi can have someone to go with into the theater. Mamoru sees this and chastises Usagi for taking the fact that she doesn't have a boyfriend out on her cat. As Usagi blushes at Mamoru overhearing her, there is a shot of someone wearing a Sailor V patch on their jacket in the background. Of course, I only bought this cel because of the cute Sailor V patch.
Sailor Moon Episode #50
Usagi in danger! The tiara doesn't work
Usagi no kiki! Tiara sadou sezu