"Give It to Me Now!"

After finally being reunited, Usagi and Mamoru are enjoying a quiet day together in the park. Mamoru catches Usagi from falling which leads to a very romantic kiss between them. Suddenly a little girl falls from the sky and lands on Usagi, knocking her away and the little girl takes her place kissing Mamoru. Usagi yells at the little girl and they start to fight. Eventually, the little girl asks for Usagi's name and once Usagi reveals it, the little girl shockingly pulls out a gun and points it to Usagi's forehead and demands, "If you are Usagi Tsukino, you have the ginzuishou, don't you? Give it to me now!"
Key Cel
Matching Background
Pan Cel that measures: 17.75" by 22.25"
Sailor Moon R Episode #60
An angel? The devil? The mysterious girl who came from the sky
Tenshi? Akuma? Sora kara kita nazono shoujo