A Girl Gives Her Lover a Gift

Yumeno Yumemi spots Usagi and Mamoru on the street and begs them to be models for her next illustration. Both Usagi and Mamoru reluctantly agree. While modeling, the two begin to bicker and Usagi gets upset with Mamoru over a comment he makes about Yumemi. Usagi spots a particularly beautiful picture of a girl giving her lover a small pendant as proof of her love and shows it to Mamoru to prove that Yumemi draws wonderful pictures. Mamoru gasps out in surprise, as if the scene in the picture is familiar to him. He imagines the gift the girl is giving to the boy is the Star Locket instead of the pendant. What a tender moment and expression of love between a prince and his princess. This cel is a great illustration of the fairly heavy foreshadowing in this episode of revelations to come in future episodes. I love the all the special details in this harmony cel: the huge crescent moon, the castle in the background, the subtle hints of color here and there. It really is a stunning and romantic piece!
Harmony Cel
Matching Background
Sailor Moon Episode #28
The illustration of love, Usagi and Mamoru getting closer?
Koino irasuto, Usagi to Mamoru ga sekkin?