Cel For Sale
Healed Karaberas, Beruche and Cooan

Karaberas, Beruche and Cooan are out in the hall as Petz is talking with an injured Saffiel. Karaberas explains that Petz has always secretly loved Saffiel.
Cel Info and Condition
  • 2-layered cel
  • Sequence #B1 (Key) and #C8 (End)
  • Key cel
  • The cel layers are stuck together
  • Matching uncut background included
  • The cel is stuck and stapled to the background
  • The background has some light damage in the lower right corner where it looks like there used to be some tape
  • There is some light bleedthrough from the background on Beruche's face and yellow blouse
  • Line fading typical for Sailor Moon cels, especially on skin tones