Cel For Sale
Taiki Playing His Piano
Taiki is playing the electric piano in a joint concert between the Three Lights and Michiru.
Cel Info and Condition
  • 2-layered cel
  • Sequence #A4 and #B5
  • Cel layers are stuck together
  • 2 unstuck pencil sketches
  • The pencil sketch of Taiki has some damage where the cel was once stuck to it (paint transfer and a small hole)
  • Comes with a black piece of cardboard with peg holes and sequence #A11 marked in the upper right hand corner - I do not know if this is production or not
  • White airbrushing used on the concert lights behind Taiki
  • Cel has dirty spotting, especially around the edges
  • There are several very small paint chips missing from the Taiki's hair and one of his eyebrows (stuck to the pencil sketch)