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Chibi Chibi Lifts Up Her Censer
Tin Nyanko warns that the black hole she created when she killed Lead Crow would soon grow and consume the Sailor Senshi. Suddenly a powerful light appears, destroying the black hole. The Star Lights look down and see that the light is coming from Chibi Chibi as she lifts her censer above her head.
Cel Info and Condition
  • No sequence #
  • Matching partial pencil sketch included
  • The partial pencil sketch is stuck to the back of the cel (facing out)
  • There is a small area of bluish gray correction paint used on Chibi Chibi's collar on the right side of the cel - done by the studio as part of the production process
  • The cel and sketch are from a pan scene and were both cut down in size by a previous owner (nowhere near the paint) - the cel measures 9.5" tall by 10.5" wide)
  • Line fading typical for Sailor Moon cels, especially on Chibi Chibi's skin tones