Cel For Sale
Rubeus' UFO bursts into flames after Chibi Usa destroys Rubeus' power enhancement crystal. Surrounded by a wall of fire, Esmerodo appears to taunt Rubeus one last time.
Cel Info and Condition
  • 2-layered cel
  • Sequence #A2 and #B1
  • Key cel
  • Cel layers are not stuck together
  • 2 unstuck partial pencil sketches
  • One pencil sketch has small areas of damage along the bottom and on the left side
  • Non-matching copy background included
  • Cel is not stuck to the background
  • Tiny areas of orange correction paint used on Esmerodo's eyes - done by the studio as part of the production process
  • A black paint chip (approx. 1/4th inch) is missing from Esmerodo's leg (paint chip is stuck to the front of the 2nd cel layer) - it looks like someone filled in the missing paint with black ink
  • Very little line fading