Cel For Sale
Mimete and Uhenshuu Trap Sailor Moon

Daimon Uhenshuu traps Sailor Moon under a big sheet of paper and threatens to "cut and paste" her. Mimete watches in the background.
Cel Info and Condition
  • 4-layered cel
  • Sequence #A1 (Tome), #E1 (Tome) and #F1 (Key) - the cel layer with the MOTD Uhenshuu has no sequence #
  • Key cel
  • The #F1 cel layer is not stuck and the other 3 cel layers are stuck together; all 4 cel layers are stapled together at the top
  • No pencil sketch included
  • Matching background included
  • The cel is not stuck to the background
  • The background has a small area of damage where the cel was once stuck to it (mostly covered up by the cel)
  • Line fading typical for Sailor Moon cels