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Sailor Moon (OP) BANK Cel - ?
This is a bank cel of Sailor Moon clearly made for the opening animation for second half of the R series. It appears that it was either cut from the sequence or it is too hard to see it even when going frame-to-frame. Based on the my other two cels from this part, the numbering is exactly right and the cel is even painted black on the back for a backlit effect. My guess is that they changed this whole sequence and cut it. My other two cels have an extra layer that makes the lines especially dark in the middle of the cel - this one does not. If you watch the sequence closely, you can tell they only filmed the very center of the each cel from this sequence. I think the animators changed their minds on how they wanted this part shot after the cels had already been painted. Very interesting (at least to me!). ^__^
Cel Info and Condition
  • Sequence #B28
  • Heavy line fading throughout