Cel For Sale
Ami and Rei
Ami and Rei look on as Minako, Usagi and Makoto discuss taking Chibi Usa to the Juuban Shizenkouen park where they are shooting a movie featuring the handsome film star, Eda Yousaku. Usagi insists that Rei go with them and Rei pretends to reluctantly agree. Very cute background!
Cel Info and Condition
  • 4-layered cel
  • Sequence #A1 (Tome, End), #A1, #B1 and #C1
  • Key cel
  • Cel layers are stuck together
  • Matching uncut background included
  • Cel is not stuck to the background
  • The background has some damage where the cel was once stuck to it
  • Line fading - especially on skin tones