Cel For Sale

After Galaxia captures Sailor Moon's star seed, she has a flashback to when she first defeated Chaos. She kneels to the ground, realizing that Chaos is gaining power while it is sealed within her.
Cel Info and Condition
  • 2-layered cel
  • Sequence #A11 (End) and #B6 (End)
  • Key cel
  • Cel layers are stuck together
  • Unstuck partial pencil sketch (it is only missing Galaxia's mouth)
  • The pencil sketch has a little bit of paint residue, a bend along the lower right corner and wrinkling around all the edges
  • Gray correction paint used on the inside of Galaxia's neckband - done by the studio as part of the production process
  • There is a light bend in the upper right hand corner - roughly 7" long
  • There appears to be some random slight staining on Galaxia's face (see scan below) - it seems like it is caused from extra heavy paint used for those areas
  • Oversized pan cel that measures approximately: 10.5" wide by 16.5" tall
  • Line fading typical for Sailor Moon cels