Cel For Sale
Chibi Usa, Karaberas and Petz
Chibi Usa runs away from home when she hears that Mamoru may have a new girlfriend. Karaberas and Petz find her and try to kidnap her, but she gets away when Sailor Moon and Luna show up. Karaberas mysteriously tells Sailor Moon they have been waiting for her and then calls forth her Droid Akumuudaa. Akumuudaa immediately starts emitting some sort of energy from her horn towards Sailor Moon. A shocked Chibi Usa looks on as Sailor Moon falls asleep.
Cel Info and Condition
  • 2-layered cel
  • No sequence #
  • Cel layers are stuck together
  • Matching book background included
  • Cel is stuck to the foreground portion of the book background
  • Both the cel and the background have been trimmed down
  • Line fading throughout