Ordering Information
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How to Order
When you order, you must include the following information:
  • Cel number(s) and Price(s)
  • Your name and address
  • Your phone number (required for International orders only)
  • How you would like to pay (see options below)
Then send me an email at with your order.

Cels are sold on a first come, first served basis.

Note: If your email does not contain the above information, it will not be considered an order. I will put the cel on hold for the first person that sends me an email with all the information I requested above. Questions regarding my cels for sale or my selling policies are welcome, but please be aware that someone else may officially order the same cel in the meantime.

Once I receive your order, I will get back to you to confirm your order and send you totals with shipping and insurance.
PayPal requires me to ship to the mailing address that is attached to your payment. If you want me to ship to an address other than your Paypal mailing address, you must add an alternate address and make your payment under this alternate address.

Adding an alternate address in PayPal is easy to do and only takes a minute or two to complete. If you need help doing this, please feel free to ask me any questions you may have and I can walk you through it.
Payment & Shipping/Insurance
Payments must be received within 10 days. Please notify me if you wish to cancel an order ASAP. If I have not received your payment within the 10 day timeframe, your order will be automatically canceled and the cel(s) will be taken off hold.
Multiple cancellations and/or non-payments may result in refusals of future orders.

All prices are in US dollars and payment must be made in US dollars.

For Domestic (US) orders:
For US orders, I will accept payments with PayPal or postal money orders.

All US orders will be shipped via USPS Priority Mail. Delivery confirmation is automatically included at no additional cost to you! ^_^

For orders outside the US:
For orders outside the US, I accept payments with PayPal or International Money Orders (must be made payable in US dollars). Though, I do not prefer this payment method, I will also accept cash in US dollars. Cash sent through the mail is at your own risk. I will accept no responsibility for lost or stolen payments.

I do ship outside the United States, but please be aware that this can be quite expensive. All international orders under $250 will be shipped via Priority Mail International (PMI). PMI provides online tracking of your package and the shipping time with this method is approximately 6-10 business days. All international orders of $250 and over will be shipped via Express Mail International (EMI). EMI provides a faster shipping time of approximately 3-5 business days. EMI also provides online tracking and requires you to sign for your package.

Note: You may also upgrade your mailing service to Express Mail International (EMI) for orders under $250, upon request.

Insurance (for both Domestic and International orders):
I require insurance for all cel orders of $100 or more. Orders of $100 or more will automatically include insurance in the payment total due on the invoice I send you. For orders under $100, I will give you two totals: one for shipping only (w/ no insurance) costs and one including both shipping/insurance costs. I strongly recommend that you select insurance on all the cel(s) that you order. If you have paid for insurance and you suspect your cel has been lost in the mail, please contact me immediately.

Conditions of Sale
If you have any questions, please ask before placing your order.

I try very hard to be as thorough and accurate in my cel descriptions as possible and list all information about the cel's condition in detail. If you are not satisfied for some reason, please contact me immediately and we can discuss the issue.

If the issue can not be resolved, a refund will be given minus the shipping charges. The item(s) must be returned to me within 7 days of receipt and must be received in original condition to be eligible for a refund. I do not refund or pay for return postage costs.

I reserve the right to refuse a sale to anyone for any reason (especially after nonpayment and/or multiple cancellations)!!